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Welcome to the official website of Candy Crush Mod Game. Here you can Download All Kind of Candy Crush Mod Apk for Android Device. Switch and match Candies in this tasty puzzle adventure to progress to the next level for that sweet winning feeling! Solve puzzles with quick thinking and smart moves, and be rewarded with delicious rainbow-colored cascades and tasty candy combos!

Candy Crush Saga is an interesting game developed by King, it is one of the most addictive game that I have ever played in casual gaming category. Young people’s love to play this game because it is one of the best medium to spend free time, and the thing is you have to used your mind to play the not any expertise. In this game there are thousands of level and with each level the difficulty of the game increases. Some of the levels unlocked after a fixed time, whereas some are unlocked by completing previous one. The game is totally based on solving puzzles. Here you have to bring similar candies at one place to match them. Finishing each level would be an entertaining task, but you will love doing them. Let’s have a quick look at all about Candy Crush Mod APK.

What Is Candy Crush Saga?

Candy Crush is a free to download casual game available on the Google Play Store. The main of this game is similar candies, and then it blasts and complete the given missions. The game is full of candies, lollipops, and chocolates in different colors and designs. In the game you find 6 different types of candies whose design, color and structure will be unique, and your task is to bring similar candies together in one line Horizontally or Vertically but all of them must be of the same color.

But it is not that much as it seems to be because there are so many obstacles like the structure of the layout on which you will be arranging candies. So you have to use your mind to overcome all those obstacles. As many levels you complete, the new levels will bring new difficulties which sometimes appears very challenging.

So use your mind wisely and complete the level in the given amount of moves, because once you run out of moves, the level will restart, and you have to do all those things once again. As you know, the game completely free, but the in-game items comes at a price that ranges from $0.99 – $149.99 per item. So you can also get them for finishing maximum levels.

Key Highlighs

  • Complete puzzles
  • Clear jelly
  • Collect free rewards 
  • In-game surprises
  • Discover new in-game items
  • Free to play
  • Amazing graphics and sound

Why Candy Crush Saga Is The Best Casual Game?

The main reason why Candy Crush Saga is the best casual game is its easy-to-use gameplay and addictive feature. Once you start playing the game you are not going to leave without completing lots of levels, and may that’s why it is having a massive amount of downloads on the Google Play Store that is 1,000,000,000, and still increasing at a great speed. The game is mostly popular among old peoples and small kids, because they love such kind of puzzle solving games.

1 billion is not any small amount even some countries don’t have this population, how much this game is having players from all over the world. Its endless game level making it even more engaging between the players, and with each level new species arrives in the game with new difficulties. So play and unlock all the levels one by one and become the member of this 1billlion user. This is not only a way of entertainment but also helps you to exercise your mind by solving new difficulties arrives in the game.

Game Features

Features in Candy Crush game are uncountable, but some of the important features of this game are mentioned in the below list, so complete each of them one by one:

Complete Puzzles To Unlock More

In the Game there are lots of levels available to unlock and with every level a new puzzles unlocks which you have to complete to unlock more, and completing those challenges would be very exciting. In this game you have to complete the levels by bringing similar candies in a row and once they are in a row explodes, and you earn the opportunity to unlock the next one. As you bring similar chocolates together, it clears everything and jelly available there. But make sure to do them within the given time and move, otherwise you will lose the challenge, and it will restart from beginning. You can take the help of all the available ingredients. When you bring so many similar candies together, some new items appear on the board which will help you to easily finish levels.

Clear Jelly

As I have already said, there well be some kind of obstacles in the game, so Jelly is one of them. Here you will find that some jellies are covering your candies due to which are not able to move, which becomes hard to complete that level, so player need to clear it first. For clearing there isn’t any extra task, just explode similar candies near the jelly, and it will be broken. But clearing jelly would not be easy because it is covered in multiple layers. So you have to perform this task multiple times. There are some items available such as hammer which is capable to break jelly in single tap, so you can also take the help of those in-game items too.

Collect Free Rewards

Some of the levels in the game are hard to finish and that needs some useful items in the game that are available for free in the game, and you can come and collect every day to boost your gameplay. This feature has been added into the game to help all those players who are not able to solve the puzzles or taking too long to solve one. So you can come and collect free rewards in the game, it can be anything, lollipop, color bomb, fish, free move, jackpot or other items. So try your luck and get one of the free items every day.

Free to play

Currently, the game is 100% free to play and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store without any charge. So if you are in search of a free interesting game then Candy Crush Saga could be a better choice. But in-game items will be paid that varies from $0.99 – $149.99 per item. But it is all up to the player if they want to purchase or not, because the game playable without even purchasing them. I would recommend better than purchasing the in-game items try getting daily free items as they are also very much useful.

Discover New Items & Surprises

You see, the game is full of amazing items and surprises which will blow up your mind. When you complete each level of the game, new items will appear in the game Fish, Color bomb, Different Types of Jelly, color matches, and many more useful items which are useful in completing the levels easily. These items appear when you match lots of colors at once, and they have some unique power to blast and other features depending upon the item appearing in the game.

Amazing Graphics and Sound

In Candy Crush Saga, both the graphics and sound effects are amazing and sounds pleasant on playing. And we have done some changes into it to make them even more entertaining. By downloading this version you will find the customized sound effects and high quality graphics which will deliver amazing gaming experience on your phone. Each day, developers are putting their best to make the game and game graphics smoother as well as entertaining.

Candy Crush Mod Apk

Candy Crush Saga Mod APK is not any new game but a customized APK of it where we have done some customizations to make the things interesting. In this customized version we have tried to unlock all the items locked in the game. This 1,000,000,000+ users game have 1000+ levels and in every level there is a new challenge that you have to unlock and explore new items in the game. Let’s have a look at all the modded features available in the game:

About Mods

Always Win

In this, winning probability is very low, even if you are using high IQ to match the candies and try to finish in the given amount of moves. Whereas some levels are so difficult that you won’t be able to finish even after playing for hours. But after this customized version you will always win in every level, it doesn’t matter you complete the mission in limited moves or not, but you will be winner for sure. Even if you are doing single move or many moves, but the victory is for sure. This is how you can explore all the levels in the gaming very quickly because you don’t have o spend too long in order to finish that level.

Infinite Lives

In the original version of the game life is limited, and you have to finish the game in limited lifespan and once it is finished you have to restart the level from beginning and do everything once again from start, which sometimes feels frustrating. So we have added unlimited lives in the game so that you don’t need to worry about the live in the game and play it freely. It is a human psychology that if you have something limited you have a kind of fear but when that limit is lifted you can take the maximum advantage of it with free mind. So play Candy Crush saga in unlimited life.

Unlock All levels

Playing Thousands of levels is not a joke, you have to spend hours to unlock all of them one by one which is a time-consuming process and sometimes feels like deleting the game which is absolutely not a good idea at all. That’s why we have brought this customized version of this game where all the levels are unlocked, and you can play any of them without completing the previous one. This is going to very much easier for the people who want to look what is the last level of the game and how hard it is to complete. So it is a great opportunity to try this amazing modified version by us.

Infinite Boosters

The boosters are very much useful in completing the levels easily because they offer a kind of special ability. But these boosters are not available for free, it needs real money, and you have to purchase them from the Google Play Store. So you can use these infinite boosters available in the game to boost your gaming experience. Basically, the boosters helps you to boost your gameplay by giving special ability to the current level by which you can easily complete the mission and challenge given to you. In the real game, these boosters can either be purchased or earned by completing previous levels.

Ad Free

The game has been customized and removed all kinds of annoying advertisements. As you while, gaming advertisement is the most stupid thing that appears, and get rid of it is mandatory. So here we are with the ad free Candy Crush Mod APK which is available for free to play with unlimited resources in the without watching any ads.

Download Candy Crush Mod APK For Android

Candy Crush

Here in this mod APK, you will be able to enjoy all the locked features of Candy Crush Sage.

NameCandy Crush Saga
RequiresAndroid 4.4 and up
SourceGoogle Play Store

How To Install Candy Crush Mod Apk?

The installation process of Candy Crush Pro APK is very simple, just follow the below steps to install the game without any problem.

  1. Download the APK file from download button
  2. Find the angry bird .apk file from file manager
  3. Enable Unknown Sources (Settings > Security > Unknown Sources)
  4. Try installing the apk file once again
  5. Run the game

Note: In case if you have already installed the game try to uninstall the original version first of all then install the modified version.


Will I Win After One Move?

Yes, single move is enough to make you winner in the game, because if you are doing one move the game will end up by using all the remaining moves.

How To Get Infinite Lives In The Game?

You don’t need to worry about infinite lives because the game comes with infinite lives, so there is no need to apply any other method.

How To Reach Last Level In One Day?

To reach last level in one day at Candy Crush is not a tough task once you have this modified version. Just install it, and you will find that the last level is already unlocked for you.

Can I Use Unlimited Boosters?

Yes, you can use unlimited boosters in the game without purchasing it from the store because infinite boosters have been added by us.

Will I Get Advertisement?

Advertisement is an annoying thing that most players hate, so we have tried our best and removed it for you to make the game ad free.

Last Words

That’s all about Candy Crush Saga Mod APK, in this modified version we have lots of more customization that you will find once you logged into the game. I’m sure you will love this infinite Candy Crush game, which offers infinite resources in the game.

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